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From the three topics, we can conclude HRIS is software for the major sources of information that can help and support decision making within the business. This system is been used by organization to allow the HR function to implement task more efficient through the use of information technology.

The information processing faster, improved planning and program development of employees by using the HRIS systems. This information system helps business to expand and have competitive advantages to compete in nowadays industry. The increasing of globalization makes company need help of information systems to ensure the organizations goals and objectives are met on the right time.

My recommendation is the management should play the main roles and ensure all the staff in the organizations understands about the system and use it effectively. Therefore, information systems will be important sources to operational efficiency in business and improve their satisfaction to their job.

BLOG 3 : Performance Management Systems

In one organization, even the employees had attended the training to develop themselves with knowledge, skills and ability, but how we know that the employee is competent or not? Can we measure the desire and expected performance of the employees and identify the performance of the employees? Therefore, that is why the reason of performance management system is exists to help an organization to measure the performance of the employees.

            Before that, we should understand what is the different between performance, performance management, and performance management system? There are a lot of people confuse about this three terms. According to Skrivastava (2005), performance is a behavior or action that taken by one’s to perform or respond to specific problem so the problem can be solved. In the other hand, performance management is a systematic process of measuring the employees in an organization and develops certain employees in order to achieve the goals of the organization (Johnson, 2009). The last one is performance management system which also measures the employees’ performance by using the technology such as system in computer.

            In my opinion, performance management is very important because the employees that have low performance will affect the productivity of the organization. If the employee is not competent enough, he or she should be send to the training and develop his or her skill, knowledge and ability. The performance management system can helps an organization a lot because can easily identify the performance of employees in more accurate statistical information.

            Performance management has five stages. The five stages are plan, monitor, develop, review, and reward. In the first stage, organization has to plan the goal and the result that expected from the employees. The second stage is monitoring the performance of the employee by giving feedback to the employee in two way communication. The next stage is reviewing the overall performance of the employees in rate the employees. At last, employees that has good performance should be rewarded such as monetary, non-monetary or recognition.

In my opinion, I think this system is a key factor used in determining whether an organization can manage its human resources and talent effectively. This system provides information on who should be trained and in what area, which employees should be rewarded and what type of skills are lacking at the organization or unit level. 

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BLOG 2 : HR Recruiting and Staffing

            From my understanding, recruitment and staffing is one of process to find out and match the suitable worker with the right position in an organization needs. Recruitment is a process of attracting, screening, and selecting qualified people for a position in an organization, while staffing that process of selecting and train individuals for specific job functions and charging them with the associated responsibilities. 

Today, the Internet has a presence in every segment of our society, and job searching and recruiting is an increasing activity on the Web, as consequence of a crisis in our economy, and to the accessibility to computers.  Based on Cohen (2001), “As recently as 1997 only about 11% of US employers were using the Web for outside recruiting, a figure that has reached 80% today and is expected to approach 100 percent in the next few years”. Nowadays, e-Recruitment system has provided to online job application and processing system for employers to advertise their job opening and for candidates to submit their application via the internet.  I myself also have ever experienced this phenomenon where I did apply for a job through the online method. 

From the lectures, I think that it would be much easier for the employer to manage their human resource to find the right people to fill the job vacancies in organization in the same time to decrease employee’s turnover occur. In addition, this system is suitable to workforce analysis and planning, sourcing and attraction, assessment an attraction, hiring, deployment, and retention. This is because employers will more easy to conduct this process, get information quickly, and able respond accordingly to the external environment.

Well, yes, E-recruitment is a time-cost effective method of finding qualified candidates to fill up the job opening. Online recruitment can facilitate organization eliminates costly and time consuming manual data entry, researching resumes and job posting. There are more diverse applicants with qualifications attracted and it generates applicants’ responses immediately and can easily screening the unqualified applicants. Besides, the system also enable links to other job search sites, automatically tracking applicants and evaluate them. The information gathered and provided have to be secure for the applicants to lead psychological contract fulfilment which directs affects employee satisfaction, expectation and retention rates.

However, I can see there still have some disadvantages of e-recruitment such as information overload when excessive number of unqualified applicants apply which consume time and cost to screen out. It also may cause discrimination which exclude older and certain minorities’ applicants who lack of computer knowledge to access and lack of personal interaction. Therefore, it is important of human resource administration on the effectiveness of the system which compatibility and validity.

As a conclusion, the staffing process is crucial because have to lay out the route to ensure right people in the right place at the right time. The recruiting and staffing process can be streamline by using E-recruiting Applications Tracking System featured with the tools that integrate and administer talent recruiting, screening, selecting internal and external applicants. 

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BLOG 1 : Information and Competitive Advantages

            In this first meeting, Dr. Nur Naha has touched about HRIS Introduction and Information Systems for Competitive Advantages.  Deliver her lectures in English made me happy because I love learning English (in order to improve my broken English) and after all, it’s quite a long time I didn't use this language.  Besides, what makes this class more interesting was, Dr. will asked us to do short discussion and presentation right after she explain each topic.  I think this is a good way for us to gain more knowledge because we find the information by ourselves and we will more understand the concept and theory.

            From Dr. Naha’s explanation, I can say that information and competitive advantages is about how an organization tries their bests to keep maintain their reputation by having good competitive strategy using the information system.  Nowadays, as we can see there are many competitors in every industry so that the firms have to compete in order to remain competitive in the open market mechanism and for better public-private partnership. Each organization needs to be able to counter any forces that can give effect to company.  For an example, Perodua is an automotive company which vast production base in Malaysia that highly recognized company throughout the country. Perodua has their own competitive strategies to compete with strong international competitor such Honda to sustain fit in industry. 

            Since information technology (IT) plays major role in business to increase process efficiency and improves the communication, we can absolutely see that IT able to links company with the business partner effectively. For example, the network allows company to connect agents, customers and travel service providers, an innovation that allowed it to broaden its marketing range. IT can be used to lock in the suppliers and customers to switch to other competitors. A company leverage investment in IT to create new products. IT provides competitive business by collecting and analyzing information about products, competitors and environmental changes.  After this topic has been explained, my group was presented about e-profile system that has been using by all the government hospitals and other group also shared other system uses by other department like BOMBA n etc.

            Through the lectures, I know that there are five most popular strategies that can be used to make an organization competitive. The five strategies are cost leadership, differentiation strategy, innovation strategy, growth strategy and alliance strategy. Besides these five strategies, there are other strategies that can be used such as rivalry of competitor, new entrants, substitute products, bargaining power of customer and suppliers

            In generally, I understand about most of the company or organizations are using certain competitive strategies to enhance their competition with other organization. The organizations have to use some of the strategies to keep on competing so they will not lose their customer and gain profit. 

            After a brief explanation on that topic where she stressed more on Competitive Forces and 5 Competitive Strategies, we were divided into 4 small groups to discuss about the competitive forces criteria or strategies for the industry given. My group need to discuss and present about telecommunication industry. One of our group members was telling clearly the differences between Maxis (Telecommunication Company that we chose) and U-mobile (as the competitor). I enjoyed the discussion and it helps me to understand more about this topic.

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